Nationwide Guarantee

After the sale is when we truly shine. I’ve heard it said… “A warranty is only as good as the paper it’s written on if you’re forced to use it too many times”. We still believe in keeping our word and not hiding behind the small print. And, with us having a Nationwide 3 year warranty…it better be a good transmission.

  • Live person on the other end. Believe it or not, you’ll get a living, breathing human being on the phone and not some complicated phone system.
  • Real-time information and help. 
  • Tech help – When necessary, you’ll be able to speak to a line supervisor or tech if there’s a problem
  • Our goal is to get your customer back on the road fast and with a dependable vehicle. If our unit is functioning properly, we’ll replace it and help with the labor using All Data Labor guides at $50/hr. 
  • Easy to order – Order thru our distributors for local service. Or, if you’re a distributor, you can order online using your own login/password.  And, you can still pick up the phone to call, text, or instant message us.  Facetime and snapchat works too.
  • No Surprises – We have often been accused of talking too much and putting too much information in with our units. We love pictures and tech stuff.  So, be prepared.  We will likely talk your ears off, give you too much to read, and email you a lot of stuff to insure you’re taking care of our baby. 
  • Please read our Warranty statement to insure you properly protect your transmission.

All Class I (passenger car and truck) transmissions come with a 3 Year 100,000 mile Parts and Labor Warranty.

Commercial trucks and certain applications are different.

You can download the full warranty statement HERE.